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Automatic & Manual Instruction:

Pay online or book with our instructors using a PayPal reader

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Please note: For those purchasing online, a PayPal fee will be added to the prices below


Choose 2, 10 or 20 hours for a first time saving

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Your first session
(2 hours)

when you join us


Save £12

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First Five sessions (10 hours)
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First Ten sessions
(20 hours)

when you join us

when you join us



Save £30

Save £50

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One session

for 2 hours


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Mock Exam


  • 30-minute Mock Exam 

  • 10 minutes of feedback using the Official DVSA Criteria Sheet

  • 20 minutes additional time with your instructor applying any weaknesses raised during the mock exam



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Five sessions

of 10 hours


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Test fee

1 hour lesson and coaching prior to the test

and vehicle hiring during the test


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Ten sessions

of 20 hours


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Motorway driving
Pass Plus (including certificate*)
Refresher lessons

for 2 hours

*Certificate contingent upon the discretion of the instructor, if the standard met is according to the expectations of the course

For learners and License holders. 

You will experience:

  • Merging onto and safely exiting the motorway

  • Changing safely between all lanes, using a high level of observation and skill

  • Maintaining the appropriate distancing between vehicles in good and adverse conditions 

  • Rules pertaining to overtaking and undertaking 

  • Independently reading road signs 

  • Judging correct speeds

  • Adapting driving according to any potential hazards.


Designed for license holders wanting to achieve a high standard of driving. This course covers 9 key focal areas, including but not exclusive to:

  • Developing skills of observation, judgement and planning pertaining to both potentially hazardous and dangerous elements, in a range of situations

  • Navigating busy junctions characteristic of heavily urban areas

  • Establishing a smooth flow when approaching differing speeds and circumstances around Country Lanes

  • Parking in a variety of difficult circumstances

  • Motorway and Dual carriageway driving; commentary of rules and expectations whilst driving, Guidance with decisions being made, Developing skills and experience to a high standard


For License holders only. 

​The instructor will complete an informal assessment of your driving ability in the first two hour session. Upon gauging your experience and level, they will create a bespoke plan in order that you are able to swiftly:

  • acquire an understanding of the rules and regulations of the road

  • drive independently with confidence to a far greater standard than a newly passed driver

  • practise higher level order driving skills 

  • drive with confidence on the dual carriageway and the motorway

  • navigate your own way whilst driving 

  • ​drive with a wider consideration; one which includes not only yourself but the safety of all road users  

Please note, the expectations for a refresher learner are at a much higher grade than the expectations during the lesson for a beginner learner.

A refresher learner includes someone who may not have driven for a long time, lost confidence or requires practise in a variety of intensive driving situations. Regardless, drivers always leave this course with a very high confidence level and an enhanced ability. 


90 minutes


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for 6 hours


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2 hours


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Take up to 5 sessions per week and achieve your driving license in as little as 4-6 weeks.

Call or email K Driving School to create a driving timetable just for you.

Call/Email for a competitive quote

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