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Learn how to become an ADI yourself with us


Embark on an exciting new journey and gain the skills to deliver driving lessons yourself. Becoming an ADI does not have to be a long and expensive process. K has an outstanding reputation of helping drivers quickly become approved driving instructors.


ADI Part 1:

This is the ADI learner theory test and Hazard Perception test, we recommend that you begin taking some practical driving lessons, for the Part 2 instruction, alongside your theory exam in order to support your understanding of the theory of advanced driving skills. Our ADI lessons here are tailor designed to cover elements which will directly and specifically help you in the theory and hazard perception tests. 


ADI Part 2:

The Part 2 practical examination is a practical driving test of your skills as a driver, it is approximately an hour and ten minutes in duration. This test is not only designed to see how well and confident a driver you are, but is also designed to assess how well you are able to follow the rules of the DVLA. Our ADI lessons for this part of the test focus on helping you understand how to simultaneously manage a variety of factors whilst driving. We ensure that you are a perfect driver yourself, that you know the rules and know how to apply the rules of driving, before you go on to teach others.

ADI Part 3:

Be assured that your preparation lessons for your final ADI test have been structured to teach you in a way which is methodical, in order that you make swift and consistent progress in your learning. We teach all of the practical elements of the ADI driving exam, step by step and provide a FULL folder of documents/pictures which you will find easy to use when you are explaining rules to your own students. We not only teach content, but help our drivers create a teaching personality which their future students will find welcoming. Furthermore, our ADI's are successful because we don't just leave them to their own devices - we explain how to explain elements in a manner which is clear, concise and precise. We don't want to just create ADI's, we want to create capable ADI's who know fully well what they are doing, so that the people they teach also become safe, responsible and confident drivers. 

Part 2 and Part 3 definitely require a lot of hard work, but lucky for me my driving instructor was a leading ADI teacher and I got it done quickly. Now I am my own boss.

12 months

It took me to become an ADI with K

increase your adeptability

balance your work and life

lead the way

have time and money for other adventures

Become an ADI

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