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K Driving School wants you to have a comfortable and productive driving experience. We can offer you an instructor who can teach you if you are a:
·         Beginner learner
·         Need Refresher lessons
·         Require Pass plus
·         Want to Learn Driving on the Motorway
All of our cars are dual control in order that our instructors can fully support you whilst you are learning. We offer both automatic and manual driving lessons, offering lessons at a flexible time that suits you. 
Our instructors work in the suburban areas of London, in order that you can gain the maximum amount of driving time and that you gain the skills of driving in London, without being stuck in traffic. Our instructors have a comprehensive knowledge of the test routes which they teach and are able to successfully portray this detail, therefore their students are better equipped when it comes to their final examination.  


I was 35 weeks pregnant and needed some refresher lessons. I spent some of my sessions on the road and some of my sessions on the motorway, learning the way to my mum's all before the baby was born! Now I feel safe whilst driving, which is important because I have Thomas with me. Thanks for being flexible with my time and thanks for the genuine effort!!

I am 54 years old and had never driven a car. K were professional and knew how to teach. It took me four tries, but I got there in the end - thanks to Aqeel's motivational speeches. 

I am still learning with K Driving School I have had 16 lessons so far, but I am already such a confident driver. I thought I would be impatient when driving, but my instructor taught me to always keep calm because she said this is what will keep me in control. I would recommend K Driving School to everyone who wants good advice while they are learning.

I recommended K Driving school and my instructor to my sister who is now learning with them, this is because I passed on my first time even while I was working a full time job. My instructor always was able to fit me in after work and knew exactly what he was talking about and my examiner took me on the same route that my instructor took me for my mock exam. 

My colleague Hajra passed with them and I was not happy with my old driving instructor. I said to them you are expensive. They said if you take one lesson with us, you will want more lessons because we are worth the price. I had one lesson and then I said can I book more please because my instructor was worth the extra money.  

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